DEF Delete Kits

If you require DEF Delete you have come to the right place, we offer delete kits on most heavy plant machinery, Kobelco, Doosan, Link Belt, Hitachi, CASE Construction and more.

How DEF Delete Works

We supply a DEF emulator that disables the full SCR system, this can be wired into the DCU on certain machines and some wire into the back of the diagnostic socket ( OBD2 ). You dont cut any wires on the machine you just splice the wires in, 2x CAN Bus High/Low, 1x 24v Power wire and the last wire is Ground. You don’t need to repair any part of the DEF system, even if its completely broken, just fit our DEF Delete kit and job done. No more DEF faults, no more loss of power due to limp mode. You will have a machine that no longer uses DEF ever again. No more bad NOx sensors and DEF quality sensors to replace.